Fab Collab with Mariane Lim continues. This time, we’re taking on everyone’s staple jean bottoms! And with Love by Bayo’s selection of cute and stylish pieces to choose from, fashion enthusiast Mariane Lim had a breeze picking out her outfits for this shoot.

“I’m very picky when it comes to outfits. I change my outfit at least five times before I settle on what I want to wear.” Shares the 19-year old fashionista. “But during our photo shoot, a quick change was all it took to come up with a great outfit!”

And we totally agree! Check out her top Love by Bayo Insta-worthy picks on how to style your trusty denims.
Tucked and Collared
Jean shorts aren’t a staple for nothing. Play it up by tucking in your top for a stylish but carefree look. Accessorize with a statement necklace and you’re good to go.
Hot and Haltered
If tucked in isn’t your thing, this pastel colored halter top will do the trick. With a white polka-print against the peachy color, this is more than a basic top. Show off your shoulders in this very casual fun-ready look. 
Candy-Colored Cutie
Candy colors are perfect for the season. And this cotton-candy off-shouldered top is a top example. Pair with your favorite skirt and pair of sneakers and you’re off to a daytime adventure. 
Baby Tee-Up
A t-shirt and jeans combo is a classic. Make the look your own by choosing fun shirt designs like this embroidered graphic heart and parrot top. A simple drop necklace and watch finishes the cute and simple look. 
 Sporty Chic
Skirts can be sporty too!  Pair your athletic shirts with a trendy denim skirt and sneakers and you’ve got the sporty look down.


Blog post by: Diane Camacho